Wooden Dollhouses

Wooden dollhouses are popular for collectors and for girls who are lucky enough to own one. They can be simple with two or three interior rooms, outer walls, and a roof, or they can be very complex with many of the details that a real house would have.  A Victorian style wooden house with gingerbread trim and a porch that wraps around the house sells for around $300, and it costs more to have it assembled and painted. Prices may be much higher if the house is large and has customized detailing. The customer may choose the style of roof and accessories on many wooden dollhouses. The rooms inside may be painted or wallpapered, just as in a real house. The back of the dollhouse is kept open so that furniture and figures can be arranged inside.

Wood DollhouseThere are almost as many styles of wooden dollhouses as there are of real houses for humans. Some of them are sold in kits so that the buyer can assemble the dollhouse much like any other model would be assembled. Plain wooden strips of wood and precut shingles and other parts are shipped in a box. The person who will build the house needs only glue and a lot of patience. Many kits are sold complete with windows and doors. Interior details are very delicate, such as curving staircases and bay windows, but the details are what make the wooden dollhouses so special. Most kits are made from 3/8 inch lightweight plywood, and it is sometimes possible to move wall partitions for various furniture arrangements. The completed houses are durable and fairly lightweight.

The Victorian style wooden dollhouse is a popular choice because of the gingerbread cutouts that make it look fancy and unique. This style has wooden clapboard siding and shingles in a choice of fish scale, octagon, or rectangular. Other choices include cottages, modern architecture, and other styles. It is also possible to build a castle, stable, or townhome. Some companies sell kits to make a dollhouse to use as a decoration for a specific holiday, such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or a patriotic house that is red, white, and blue. Other options of styles include farmhouses, chalets, corner stores, or summer house models. If someone wants a dollhouse that is not advertised on a website, some companies will custom build the house according to your specifications.

Cottages are also very popular styles because of the detailing that can be included in their design. They often have window boxes for flowers under the windows, chimneys, and dormers on the upper floor that add charm to the dollhouse. Cottages are often simpler and less expensive, so they make good choices for girls who will actually play with them. The more intricate designs are usually bought by collectors who enjoy replicating a tiny house with all of the details of a larger, real home.

Of course, the interior of the house is very important to complete the realistic look of the dollhouse. Websites and specialty stores that sell wooden dollhouses also sell furniture, wallpaper, carpet, and other accessories. It is even possible to purchase small musical instruments like a violin or guitar. The entire house can be decorated to reflect the family that lives there. If there is a girl’s bedroom, that could have a small dollhouse within the larger dollhouse. For the kitchen, here are even tiny rubberized dish drainers, small plates, serving trays, and other items that would be in a real house. Other rooms may have real fabric curtains, wall mirrors, and realistic furnishings. Outdoor furniture can be purchased in many interesting styles to complement the style of the dollhouse. The choices are limitless when it comes to building and furnishing a wooden dollhouse.

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